Jean-Christian Knaff first studied English literature and linguistics at the Université Stendhal, in Grenoble, France, where he achieved a B.A in English literature and an M.A in English linguistics and Education.
He opened his studio in Montreal in 1982, became a Canadian citizen, and taught Communication Art at the University of Quebec in Montreal. In 1984, he moved to London, UK, where he taught illustration at Kingston University.
His works have been published in such magazines as GQ, Life, New Scientist, Die Zeit, Cosmopolitan, Stern, Marie Claire, Vogue, and annuals like American Illustration, European Illustration, etc… He has created images for IBM Germany, French Telecom, Deutsch Telekom, BBC2, Coca Cola, Nelvana, Swatch, and Apple Germany.
He now lives and works in Toronto where he has founded with his wife Claude Miceli, their own company, Mikka. He teaches Illustration at OCAD where he is an associate professor. His animation, The Wild, Wild Circus Company was nominated for the Nicktoons Animation Festival in the US and is currently aired on the YTV network in Canada.
He won the UNICEF award at Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 1997 and a gold medal at the New York International Animation Film Festival in 1998.
He is working on two children’s books, Hugo Légo (published by Bouton d’Or Acadie, Moncton, NB) and Adam Elefant as well as on a new animation ‘Manhattan’ after his Mother Goose winning award book ‘Manhattan’ (Faber and Faber,  London, UK).